Top Resources

We have identified a lot of useful resources available in the internet that caters to all the profiles of our diverse reader base. Some of them include:

Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

If you are looking for the next new recipes to cook, this is a great place to begin. Lexi’s provides a comprehensive description of refreshingly new recipes, including calorie information, best time of the day to prepare and detailed preparation directions which are understandable for even a layman. Our favorite is the Lemon Parmesan Chicken with Zucchini Noodles. Yum!

Food to Glow

Kellie, the writer of this blog, is a self-confessed food nerd and cancer educator. The blog is full of natural and organic recipes that have a bit more of a global touch. If you are someone with an international taste bud, you should give this one a go.

Food processing

This is for those of you aspiring to get into the food business. Food processing is more business-centric, with up-to-date global news, industry analysis, economic indicators, regulatory aspects etc.

New Life’s kitchen remodeling

New Life is a California- based designer and contractor that has a great collection of blog posts focused on all aspects of a house. They have a dedicated section on kitchen remodeling, which is definitely recommended for DIY home design enthusiasts.