Don’t dispose your mattress! Here are 3 ways to remove food stains.

Yesterday, I was in my bed with a delicious risotto and a glass of red wine on my laps, watching my favorite Sitcom, when suddenly I spilled a bit of the wine on my newly dry-cleaned mattress. Oh the misfortune!

Naturally, this probably happens to most of us on a regular basis. And a significant majority of us have heard of treating beds with baking soda. But are there any other solutions? Let’s have a look, shall we!

Lemon juice and salt

Sodium is always involved, in some form or the other. If not baking soda, you can use a paste of lemon juice and common salt (Sodium Chloride). Apply the paste on the stained area and let it simmer for about half an hour. Apply cool water with a napkin or preferably a sponge after.

Laundry detergent

If you have thicker stains, a standard liquid detergent should do the trick. It may not work on all types of mattresses, such as the ones that have strong water absorption and that take significantly long to dry. If you have a wine stain that has seeped through and stained a significant portion of the mattress, a liquid detergent is not the best option.

Hydrogen Peroxide

This is the ideal option for treating wine stains. Hydrogen Peroxide, when used in very small amounts, is not toxic. However, even slightly exceeding the recommended dose can cause irritation to certain body parts. Hence you should follow a detailed instruction manual whilst using this chemical. Normally, H2O2 is mixed with a non-gel substance to treat stains. It also has a bleaching property and adds color to your mattress.

It is not necessary that you follow only one of the aforementioned solutions. Depending on the occasion, a combination of the above solutions can be adopted for a more effective outcome.

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