5 Great Kitchen Designs For A Small House

If you are a student, recent graduate or really anyone living in New York, you probably live in a room-sized apartment with an excuse for a kitchen. It looks as inviting as an inconsequential vegetable in a meat lovers’ pizza. At Eat the Rich, we think that the kitchen is supposed to be a space in your home that you feel like being at. If you feel like you live in a cramped apartment with little space to cook the recipes that you desire, try these tips to remodel your kitchen space.

Replace the depressing lights

Too often, kitchens in small units have dim lighting that discourages you from even approaching them. Use an incandescent light bulb or LED light source to brighten up the space. The best solution is of course natural lighting and so you must open all windows within close proximity.

Stack up

If your apartment unit has length, consider building additional storage compartments on top of your existing kitchen cabinets. This way, you build enough space to store utensils, crockery and whatever else you want to buy but never found the space to store.

Bring more color

Similar to the lighting, this is something that doesn’t really change anything but alters our perception towards it. Certain colors stimulate the brain. For example, orange or red is considered arousing while blue or green is considered soothing.

Upgrade your faucet

Most faucets in tiny apartments are old and rusty. Washing dishes is a pain as it is, and you wouldn’t want a rusty faucet to make the process any more depressing.

Get a dish rack

A dish rack eliminates the need for space to store washes utensils. These dish racks for available for next to nothing at hardware stores or Ikea.

If you have slightly deeper pockets, you can consider building a breakfast or bar counter to make the space more interesting. Let us know if you found these tips useful or if you have any other great solutions!

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