About Us

Eat the Rich is a restaurant / bar outlet located in Washington DC. Our founder, Richard Lennington,  began this business with the vision to encourage people to constantly seek and desire new and innovative recipes. Today we are an establishment of more than 200, and run a consumer-centric blog in addition to our core restaurant business.

Too often in the past, Richard had to settle for takeout and fast food options due to an inability to create his own recipes. As a result, he underwent a series of diplomas and finally attained the title of professional chef level 3. After he opened his own restaurant, Richard remained passionate about enabling the common man to cook on his own delightful and nutritious delicacies. It was with that intention that this blog was born.

Eat the Rich provides tips on all aspects of food and related businesses. We provide advice on kitchen hygiene, equipment set-up, cooking, multitasking and business skills for aspiring food entrepreneurs. Our creative and content team consists of chefs, entrepreneurs, homemakers and food critics with vast experience in the culinary industry.

The intention of this blog is purely to educate and motivate you to follow your passions and create amazing recipes. We don’t have any obligatory affiliation to EtR’s core restaurant business.