Eat the Rich

Eat the Rich is an oyster bar created by James Beard Award nominee Derek Brown and award-winning oysterman Travis Croxton of Rappahannock River Oysters. Featuring both local oysters and a Chesapeake Bay-centric menu, Eat the Rich is a tribute to the great oyster houses of Washington, D.C. and Mid-atlantic cuisine. We also serve pitcher cocktails and oyster shooters alongside a playlist of rock--the place is named after a Mötorhead song after all.

Eat the Rich focuses on local oysters and seafood. We are, of course, only a short distance from the largest estuary in North America. The kitchen features great Mid-Atlantic dishes. The bar serves an array of classic cocktails, as well our signature pitcher cocktails and oyster shooters.

We are a great place to bring groups of people, eat, drink and listen to great rock music. This isn't your typical oyster bar.

Come on, baby, Eat the Rich.

Derek Brown has one of those dream jobs that your high school counselor never tells you about. 
He drinks for a living. He's a cocktail and spirits writer, spirits judge and owner of award-winning bars Eat the Rich, Mockingbird HillSouthern Efficiency, and Columbia Room in Washington D.C. He travels the world  learning about regional and local variations of spirits and drinks, and teaching seminars on the importance of alcohol in shaping our society.

Travis Croxton revived his grandfather's oyster company, Rappahannock River Oysters, over 10 years ago. It has now become one of the world’s premier oyster companies, with its namesake oyster listed as “One of a Dozen Oysters You Should Know” by the industry bible. The company has led nothing short of a Chesapeake Bay renaissance – taking the Bay oyster, which had been relegated to commodity markets, and placing it proudly on the best menus in the world.